Installation of a car audio system can provide loads of fun and entertainment to the rider. To enjoy great music quality, it is very much needed that the installation process is properly executed. Unfortunately, many first-time installers commit mistakes that deprive them of the desired stereo sound. In this article, we will learn about the top installation mistakes and how they can avoid them.

No Planning

Understanding your needs is important before removing or installing any device from your vehicle. Better planning will help you in easier and effective installation. You need to ask yourself below questions to create an effective plan.

  • What do I need in my car?
  • What type of features can I install in my vehicle?
  • How much should I spend in my vehicle?

All these questions will surely assist you in having the right vision of the upgraded car, get a realistic outcome, and form a right budget for your project.

Mismatched amplifier and subwoofer

Installing an incompatible device can result in various types of issues to occur in your vehicle. Improper amplifier and subwoofer can cause damage to the electrical system of the vehicle. It can even ruining your new equipment. Mismatched audio parts do not sound that effective as it should.

You need to double check your subwoofer to make sure that the impedance generated by it is adequate. One of the

car amplifier installation  mistakes is improper amplifier configuration. So, check that amplifier configuration is correct. Also, ensure that the amplifier doesn’t overpower or under power the subwoofer.

Forgetting to disconnect the battery

Whenever your vehicle is in idle state, it is a good practice to disconnect the (-) terminal of the battery. It will prevent the possibility of electrical short circuit from happening within the system. This also enables a person to safely work on their vehicle.

Improper Ground

An unlevelled ground is also an important reason to result in a wide range of issues with an aftermarket audio system of a car. To troubleshoot this issue, you can speak with customer care professionals over the call.

Running Power and RCA Signal Wire Next to One Another

If you are the first-time installer of an audio system in a vehicle, you need to run the power wire along with the RCA signal wire by keeping them next to one another. A few people believe it to be an easy and time-saving solution but in reality, this practice makes noise and also degrades sound quality.

Failing to upgrade the electrical aspects of a car

At the time of installing too many amplifiers or high-powered amplifiers, it is important to check if you have a requirement for a new car battery. Large batteries offer more power to your system.

Another thing that you can do is to upgrade the wire present below the hood. This allows efficient flow of current to your electrical system, and your upgraded audio system of the car.

Conclusion Learning about the mistakes and their measures will ensure that you don’t commit them at the first place. The right installation of your vehicle’s audio system will ensure the best audio quality experience at all the time.