Sky essentially tinkers constantly with the equation when it comes both how and what is offered in its market-leading TV packages. That is the reason at any rate once a year it’s a smart thought to stop, assess the situation and ask: is Sky TV any great?

A Bird Eye View 

Number of channels: 370+

Technology: Satellite dish

Can it  be bundled with broadband?: Yes

Set-top box: Sky Q

Costs: £22 every month


Sky offers just a single basic package – the Sky Entertainment Pack – which enables you to simply add on the things you need at checkout. It’s a quite decent framework, all things considered, however one that still depends on you recognizing what channels you will get in the Entertainment Pack before you can truly choose what else you need included. Here they are.

  • Free-to-air
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Children
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Movies


Sky Atlantic: Sky Atlantic is the gem in the crown with regards to Sky’s offered channels. Significantly, you won’t be able to watch it any other way than subscribing in to Sky TV (or NOW TV, Sky’s streaming administration). You can’t get it on Virgin, BT, TalkTalk, or any other place. Game Of Thrones, Westworld, True Detective, Tin Star, Riviera,  Save Me, Fortitude, The Young Pope, Patrick Melrose, and many more – Sky Atlantic remains the only place to watch them all first without paying through the nose to purchase the DVD.

Indian and Asian channels: Sky incorporates a nearly unfathomable measure of stuff in its Entertainment Pack, yet  it is deserving of attention by the way it has changed its basic offering. Sky presently offers all its previous members no end of Indian and Asian channels. So if that is the thing that your family appreciates, or if you’ve never sat and enjoyed a Bollywood movie, well you’re in for a treat.

Set-top box

Sky Q and Sky Q 2TB

The box you’ll getwith any Sky TV bargain you go for right now accompanies the Sky Q 1TB box. The ‘1TB’ represents one terabyte, alluding to the amount of TV you can record onto it before it comes up short on space. With this , you getaround 500 hours of standard definition (SD) content or around 100 hours of high quality (HD) stuff.

1TB ought to be sufficient for some time, particularly considering the fact that ‘Sky Catch-up’ records all the primary channels for you and stores them for 30 days without usingany space on your box. You will require a web connection to watch Sky Catch-up so remember that and pick a package with broadband included.

Sky TV is the best source of entertainment for you. If you are planning to move from the United Kingdom and are worried about getting access to sky tv in Europe, could bethe answer. Enjoy the same experience in Europe with Sky Tv.