Fashion has quite an influence on our lives. It gives everyone their own style that makes an individual enthusiastic and different from others. Fashion is the best way to express your action, speech, behavior, manner and style. Fashion not only includes clothes, but it also includes makeup, accessories and footwear.

There was an era which influenced the fashion industry in many ways. We are talking about 80’s fashion which was also known as retro trend. It’s easy to distinguish the fashion of 80’s.  However, they cannot be called a fashion trend of different decade because the style is still followed till date. Bright and neon colours that were introduced by pop singers and weird accessories women wore are still respected and it’s modified in many ways, but is still kept in mind to make new styles.

Here are some retro styles of 1980’s that are back with a bang –

  • Perm hair is back with trendy hair colors. If you like to go back to 80’s, the best way to give some weird color and style to your hair along with knee socks and pants.
  • Jackets with shoulder pads were always in trend as it enhanced the shoulders and made it appear broad. Wear them with any black dress or trousers of different color.
  • There was a time when bright colors were off the screen, but now the 80’s era is back with neon and floral colors. Whether it is top, trouser, skirt, jackets or dress, neon colors are again in trend.
  • No longer is tight-fitting aerobic dress appreciated for gym, but loose-fitting shirts with shorts from 80’s are in again. Scientifically, it is good to wear oversized shirts because they are comfortable and help in breathing normally.
  • Printed blouse, overly sized loose tops, crop top, pleated trousers and high waist denims were all for women who were fashion centric. The same trend is back but with slight modification where crop top goes well with low waist jeans and oversized loose tops with tight skin fitting jeans or trousers. 
  • Bandana and jackets especially denim jackets or floral print jackets with padded shoulders have always been quite popular among women.
  • Similarly, floral or polka dot dresses with waist belt gives proper shape to your waist line and this appearance is back in trend. However, the length of the dress is each individual’s own preference.
  • Jumpsuits and long skirts with long or ankle boots are back in fashion as well. This flashy outfit is always a go for parties.
  • When it’s about accessories, not to forget that big hoop earrings are still in trend. Clutches are back and small hanging purses are the friendliest bag for all.

Sarah Jessica Parker from ‘Sex and the City’, Demi Moore, Princess Diana’s exclusive dressing style and Madonna’s bad look have all been 80’s fashion icon. Therefore, if you ever want to go retro, try their style to make a different and an interesting appearance.