July 21, 2017

5 Illustration And Graphic Design Documentaries That You Should Watch

The need for illustrations and graphic designs for various business uses increasing as people look for authentic work. This has also increased the emergence of great companies like Ilustra – Ilustration Agency which has been helping people to get an authentic and highly innovative illustration and graphic designs for websites, logos and interior decors for their businesses.

As an illustrator, one will need to explore some documentary movies based on the same concept to get great ideas. Below are the top five to watch.

The artist series

This Hillman Curtis series is one of the best in this category. Basically, it is a very interactive series with several episodes each running for up to 10 minutes.  On the basics, each episode covers some illustration and design work of some of the best in the world. It only covers their lives but also what makes them the best in relation to design work they do. It a series worth watching for those illustrators who want some success tips.

Exit through the gift shop

The over five years old documentary has always raised a debate among the illustrators and designers all other the world on to whether it is a hoax or real. The whole episode is a piece of great art in its highest innovation by a great mind. Well done Banksy!

However, it is not a marathon art work from beginning to the end but something every illustrator or graphic designer should tag on their must-watch-list.

Milton Glaser – to inform and delight

According to a survey covering documentary preferences, Milton Glaser’s piece was mentioned far many times than most others. It is a piece that most of these designers will remember for many years to come. If you have not watched this and you are an illustrator, then it is time to get what your are missing. To inform and delight covers his portrait as the man behind the ‘I Heart New York’ logo which many of us know about. Be sure to watch this piece to avoid being left behind.


According to various movie and documentary review websites, Helvetica has earned itself a good position. It is an Indian produced documentary which will through any graphic guru, illustrator off their seats. It covers beautiful typography with enlightening themes about the various designer texts as well as crafts. As a matter of fact, this piece tries to explain how different fonts people used on text documents are designed. The director Gary Hustwit explains that all fonts used in typing have an origin and most important and origin.

Bauhaus: the face of the 20th century

Bauhaus as an art school and this piece tell its stories of a whole century. Between this time the school made an impact on the whole world about the design and illustrations as it spread its wings to three cities. Some of the techniques they invented still exist in modern schools of designs and illustrations.

So, with the above documentaries, any illustrator or graphic designer will get an opportunity to appreciate their work and learn important facts about them.

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