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Inertia here.

I'm just a guy from Wichita, KS who refuses to let go of his childhood dreams. I started making beats in my late teens on a Casio keyboard and I've been at it ever since. I began by posting up beats on Mp3.com (back in the day), just to see what would happen. To my surprise, people loved the beats. I got hit up everyday by people who wanted to use them or just to tell me that they loved them. Once this started to happen, I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. 

So I ended up moving to L.A. to work with a well-known major label recording artist. We became good friends and He showed me around the City of Angels. He introduced me to and put me in the studio with many prominent figures in hip hop. This first hand exposure taught me much about the music industry and what moves to make.

Now i'm taking everything I have learned thus far (and continuing to learn), plus all of the beats I make, and giving them to you in an easy-to-use system that I call MyPersonalProducer.com.

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Carlton "Inertia" Wilson


    Musician Inertia is the epitome of the total package. With his moving musical productions and entertaining truth-filled rhymes, this musician continues to satisfy hip-hop fans worldwide.

    Born in the Wichita, KS, Inertia began his musical journey with his Grandmother. It was hearing her jam away on her piano that sparked Inertia’s interest in music. He learned how to play by completely by ear. Music was just a hobby for Inertia until the day he spit his first rhyme in the cypher at lunch in his high school. He made the crowd explode after his first few lines and it was then that he knew he had found his calling. He started to build a name for himself for his brazen freestyles. Inertia then started making beats initially just to rap over. After he started to build up a large catalog he decided to post some of them on MP3.com, just to see what would happen. To his surprise, people loved the beats. He got hit up every day by people who wanted to use them or just to tell him that they loved them. This lead to Inertia meeting a well-known up and coming major label recording artist and their instant musical chemistry resulted in Inertia packing up and moving to LA to work with this artist and chase his dream. While in Los Angeles, this artist introduced Inertia to many well-established figures in hip-hop. This first hand exposure taught Inertia much about the music industry and what moves to make.

    His impressive beats, observant narrations, and witty wordplay has garnered Inertia much praise. A multi-platinum hip hop manager labeled him "Extremely Talented" and "A Leader". After hearing his music, a multi-platinum and Grammy award winning producer dubbed him "A Superstar". Making new beats daily and working with new artists, Inertia is focused on cultivating good music in the hip-hop culture and by the looks of things, he is poised for hip-hop greatness.


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