September 8, 2017

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

If you’re visiting New York City and looking for things to do in Times Square with kids, then you’re in the right place.Kids of all ages will be fascinated by more than 500 oddities in over 20 themed galleries.Interact with exhibits that will entertain and amaze you.Experience how science, art, history and fun all come together in the most unbelievable of ways.

It’s a Zoo in There

While you may not literally find monkeys in barrels, there are plenty of animal exhibits to amaze the kids.The elephant with two trunks, sheep with two heads, albino giraffe and giant gorilla made of tires are simply amazing to behold. If cockroaches don’t bug you, kids can stick their heads in an exhibit where they can look eye-to-eye with these hard-to-kill insects.Or put your head in the mouth of a dinosaur and see if he bites.

Please Touch the Exhibit

 When you’re looking for entertaining things to do in the Times Square area, go no further.This interactive museum can entertain your kids for hours.Dodge lasers in LaseRace, where you can crawl, dive, duck and roll to avoid the laser beams.When you enter the black hole, you’ll think the ground beneath you vanished. Visit the Cheetos museum, just don’t eat the exhibits.If you ever find a Cheeto that looks like a real-life object, now you know where to send it.

Fun-filled Photo Ops

There are plenty of things to do in Times Square with kids that will turn into opportunities for creative and one-of-a kind photos.Kids can hang off the empire state building just like King Kong.Lose yourself in the experience when you’re photographed with only half a body. See how your kids stack up next to the tallest man in the world. Or see what the kids look like when their heads are in pickling jars.

Take a Break From Boring

From bathroom breaks to break dancing, you’ll be entertained when looking for things to do in Times Square with kids. Strollers are allowed in the museum for the younger kids, and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Consider giving yourself around two hours to make your way through the exhibits and have enough time for your kids to take advantage of the hands-on learning. An entertaining stop whether you’re escaping from the summer heat, winter cold, or one of the torture chamber devices, kids of all ages will find this an unbelievable experience.


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