January 12, 2018

Top Illustration and Graphic Design Documentaries That You Must Watch

Not everyone will be in the fore-front to watch the documentaries of this type. However, those who love and appreciate art and illustrations will not only enjoy but learn new ideas. According to http://ilustra.co.uk webpage, art is highly visual and lingers in one’s mind for long. So, let us mention the illustration and graphic documentaries that you must watch if you are a lover of art.


The documentary is also known as the face of the 20th Century as it covers almost a decade history of the Bauhaus art school. It is known that this school has greatly shaped many artists and illustrators in the world as much as it is only based in three cities. Even the modern schools have learned a lot from these schools.

The Artist Series

When Hillman Curtis, who is a well-known designer, decided to produce these short films, he did not have any idea that it will capture the attention of many. The videos in the series are short and precise to the point, covering the best works of famous artists from all over the world. Those who have watched them can attest that they are not only entertaining but very educative.


The graphic design documentary is produced in Asia and has gained good grades from famous movie critics. It covers the works of text and other crafts that people take for granted every time they type things on their computer. In fact, it is a great documentary to show you where these fonts originated from.

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

For those who do not know, Milton Glaser is a known Designer behind the ‘I Heart New York’ Logo. In this movie, you can learn a lot about the artist and the inspiration behind his work. Further, illustrators and artists will have a lot of ideas to steal from here. Make sure that you catch this documentary on Netflix at any one time you need it.

Making It

This is a must watch for lovers of illustration, especially the starters. It is inspiring to artists who are struggling to make ends meet. It shows your destiny of a person who went to an illustration school and loves what they are doing. It also shows how you can maneuver through other responsibilities like paying rent even with a passion that takes all your time like art. Any seasoned artist who has watched this will confirm that it is a must-watch for all.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This documentary is a project of a famous artist, Banksy. The good this is that both art lovers and other people can enjoy the documentary. It covers illustrations and other aspects of life in a superb combination to delight all types of people. The art and graphics in the documentary are incredible and shares some ideas to upcoming artists from any corner of the globe. Make sure that you add this to the list of documentaries to watch this year.

Planning to watch any of these illustration and art documentaries is a brilliant decision as they will encourage you to perfect your talent.

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