July 1, 2017

Westworld “Contrapasso” Questions Answered

Westworld is newest show on HBO and HBO GO. If you don’t have HBO get it with DISH Network, this show is worth it alone.

There are so many questions and yet so little answers; that seems to be the overall arching theme of Westword. In the latest episode of Westworld “Contrapasso” wefinally getcloser to answering some of those questions, about the intertwining plots of Westworld.

One of the biggest questionsof the show has been who the Man in Black is and what is the maze he is seeking. In this episode “Contrapasso” we start to get a clearer picture of the overarching story of the Man in Black and his relationship with the Westworld. For when Dr. Ford confronts him in the bar and has a sit down talk face to face, the Man in Black starts to reveal how much he really knows about Westworld and Dr. Ford.

This is first time we are aware that Dr. Ford knows who the Man in Black is and what he is doing within the park (trying to find this “Maze”). This creates one of the greatest moments within the episode. When Dr. Ford talks to the Man in Black we get the sense that they know each other and have some deep past history, how deep of a history is still unknown.

The identity of the Man in Black is still unknown but we get the suspicion that he has knowledge of the inner workings of Westworld. He even mention Dr. Ford’s old partner, Arnold who co-create Westworld with Dr. Ford.

Speaking of Arnold, it was also revealed that Arnold wanted to destroy Westworld because he felt the Androids/Host needed to be free. He and Ford had some sort of disagreement that may or may not have cost him his life. It is also revealed that Arnold spoke to Doloresright before he died and he wanted her to help him in with his plan.

This was another great moment in the episode because we got the chance to see that Dr. Ford has a growing suspicion that things aren’t as under control as he likes to believe it to be. We start to see that Dr. Ford isstarting to question what’s going on and that the androids/host are starting to rebel against him.

We also see that the Host can be deceiving and they can hide secrets. As Dr. Ford asks Dolores when the last time she spoke to Dolores was, she told him it was 34 years ago on the day he died. When Dr. Ford leaves the room she speaks to herself and says, “I didn’t tell him”. It’s not 100% clear who she was speaking about but we get the feeling it was Arnold.

While some of our questions are being answered, there areequal amounts that are not yet. We still don’t know who was trying to smuggle out information of the park, what company William and Logan are working for, what really happened to Arnold and what is his relationship to the Man in Black. Be sure to stay tuned to unravel the mystery of Westworld, available now on HBO.


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