January 10, 2018

Why Your Business Needs Video Advertising

You may have noticed that video is all over the web, and that it’s taking the place of banner images and pop-up ads as many marketing strategists go-to type of advertisement. A company website or social media stream without video is behind the times and isn’t taking advantage of one of the most effective marketing channels available. If your business has never produced or commissioned a video, here are some reasons that video production in Nashville, TN is being used to market goods and services across the board.

Increasing Brand Visibility

Videos are a great way to tie together every element of your brand. Company name, logo, and social media information can all be stamped either at the beginning of a promotional video or as the last slide of the video. You can choose talent that will help your customers and clients think positively of and associate good things with your company. Nashville, TN video production makes it easy to incorporate each element of your brand strategy into a final product that packs a punch.

Giving an Emotive Experience

Video uses images, music, sound, and on-screen text to provide a short and emotive visual experience. Banners or simple images don’t have the dimensions that video provides. Studies show that people are more engaged when they are emotionally hooked and invested in something they consume. You have a better chance to make a lasting impression when you use video.

Conveying Information

Videos are useful for conveying information. YouTube has become a hub of video tutorials and product demonstrations. If you’re leaning towards using video to explain your products, rather than just get people excited about them or your brand, video is an excellent option. If you make complicated electronics that require assembly, for example, a video is going to be much more effective than a FAQ section on your website or an instruction insert that goes inside the product’s packaging. With someone onscreen walking you through steps of assembly or a function of a product, you’ll have a more effective aid for your customers.

Getting What You Want

Today, it’s easier than ever to get a video made quickly and to all of your specifications. From talent to graphics, experts in video production in Nashville, TN can consult with you and provide you with options to choose from. Because it’s an easy and smooth process, you won’t regret incorporating this valuable type of advertising into your strategy.

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